Pepper "The Bearstrong" Tulpandotter

Kat's Mouseling Druid


Level 2 Mouseling Moon Druid

AC 14
Initiative 3
Speed 25 ft
Max HP 19
Str 8
Dex 17
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 10
Trained in Animal Handling, Arcana, Nature, Perception, and Survival


  • Quarterstaff (1/1d6-1 piercing)
  • Shortbow (5 ranged/1d6+3 piercing)


  • Wild Shape
  • (0) Shilelaugh
  • (0) Druidcraft
  • (1) Jump
  • (1) Thunderwave
  • (1) Faerie Fire
  • (1) Cure (Light?) Wounds

Pepper is very short, even for her kind, and was bullied by her peers while she was tutored. However, her family was carried out of their burning home by an unknown hero who turned into a large dog and pulled everyone out. She has been determined to be just like that hero ever since. While her family were willing to concede her to be a defender of her mouseling village, Pepper resolved to strike it out on her own as a wandering adventurer. Adopting the slogan, “Strong like bear!,” she has tried to begin her own heroic journey by saving a lady in danger, but she was tricked and her naivete got her captured by the drow.

Since Chapter 1, Pepper has become fast friends with Topsy and Turvy.

Pepper "The Bearstrong" Tulpandotter

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