Topsy & Turvy

Friendly Wererat Deep Gnomes


Topsy and Turvy were twin sister and brother, respectively, svirfneblin of Blingdenstone. Topsy was the far more social of the two, while Turvy appeared to be, in all practical respects, mute to everyone except his sister.

During the Velkynvelve escape, the twins unwillingly revealed themselves to being wererats, and proved to be very effective fighters, since their exhaustion from nearly a months of slave labor hampered the bloodthirst of their curse. Since this escape, they have become fast friends with Pepper.

While Topsy and Turvy seem familiar with Blingdenstone, especially when Topsy talks to Jimjar, but the siblings seem reluctant to return to the deep gnome village. Most likely, the twins are only sticking with the party in order to improve survival, but will most likely strike out on their own if they get too close to Blingdenstone.

The twins never made it to Blingdenstone, however, falling in combat before they made it back to their “home.”

Topsy & Turvy

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