Out of the Abyss

Chapter 5 Blingdenstone Bound

The Party make landfall from Darklake

The Party narrowly escaped Leemoogoogoon's attack on Sloobludop. Equipped with kuo-toa keelboats, the Party opted to make landfall as soon as possible.  While direct aquatic travel through the Darklake would be a faster means for their current destination of the deep gnome city of Blingdenstone, navigating Darklake sounded too perilous without an actual local guide. With Sloobludop behind them and firm land under their feet once more, the Party made their way though the 'Dark.

While the tunnels and caves continued to have their own dangers, the Party has learned to adapt against their subterranean foes. Over a week of travel, the Party efficiently dispatched a pack of drow traders, a few ochre slimes, and deftly avoided the dangerous terrain. In fact, they were even able to help a fellow dwarf slave who had escaped Mensoberranzan and was just about to poison himself on poisonous yellow mushrooms. Whlie he was hedding a completely different direction, the dwarf did spark hope in Balthier, when the dwarf vaguely confirmed a human boy was held in enslavement within the drow capital.

At one point in their travel, however, the Party ran into the full Society of Brilliance, who seemed to be waiting for them on a massive bone pile. Grazilaxx explained they had stationed themselves to defend the escaped slaves from their Velkynvelve pursuers, however their hunters never came. Irritated by wasting time on a wild goose chase, the Society meant to collect a debt.

Thankfully, the Society was quickly placated when the Party offered to return the favor for them. To even the scales, Grazilaxx explained a lost tomb of a bygone ruler is stirring up trouble in the area, and while the Society could purge the location themselves, having the Party take care of it instead would be a much more efficient use of time and resources. If the Party returns with proof of the completed quest at Entemoch's Boon, they will consider the score even once more.


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