Dvain Dulag

Nick's Genasi Fighter


Level 2 Genasi Fighter

AC 16
Initiative 0
Speed 30 ft
Max HP 21
Str 16
Dex 10
Con 17
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 10
Trained in Athletics, Intimidation, Investigation, Perception


  • 1H Longsword (5/1d8+3 slashing)
  • 2H Longsword (5/1d10+3 slashing)
  • Greatsword (5/1d6+3 slashing)
  • Hand Axe (5 meleeorranged/1d6+3)
    Second Wind available for self heal

He was once held an officer rank in the Merc group called the “Stormborn” but left for a life as an adventurer. He left on good terms with most of the company but not all. He learned Sword fighting from his mentor/friend Darian Tuss who is also the leader of the Stormborn. Dvain is a soldier not a murderer, so he will never attack innocent people or kill for only personal gain. He grew up interested in stories of hidden artifacts hidden from the world. He has always been drawn to caves and dungeons. Dvain heard news of Darian getting captured and killed in battle on a mission. Dvain has since put the death of his friend on him and thinks he should have stayed with the Stormborn.

Since Chapter 1, Dvain has become fast friends with Jimjar. Dvain also currently carries Dawnbringer.

Dvain Dulag

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